My Testimony

November 4, 2002..the day that changed my life forever..the day the Lord revealed His love, grace and mercy to me..


I was working for Lifetouch Photography which is a company that takes school pictures for many schools in our area. I was leaving for a shoot at about 5:30am since the school was about an hour away from where I lived. While driving, I hit a dead deer laying in the middle of the road, lost control and ended up around a tree.

At this time, there was a fork in the road of my life. I had just graduated High School a couple months prior – at a time when the choices I made would set the course of my life for years to come. The path I was on would have led me to a much different place then where I am today if the Lord had not intervened. I know without a doubt that the He used this car accident to get my attention – my eyes fixed on Him rather than myself. The paramedics and everyone else who witnessed the scene said they could not believe I was alive.

Crash 2

Looking back, I can see that the Lord had been drawing me to Himself to prepare me for this day. I had gone to church with a friend a couple times and sensed the Lord’s conviction that I needed to make a change. The night I got home, I laid in bed with so many questions going through my mind. “Why did I not die in that accident?..Is there a reason? Do I really have some purpose for being here?..” my next question..”Lord, do You really exist?..and if you do, do you really love me?” At that moment the most overwhelming sense of peace, love, joy and comfort came over me. My whole body was aching from the accident, but in that moment everything went numb. I knew it was His presence surrounding me. I gave my life to Him that night.

6 thoughts on “My Testimony

  1. Megan! Wow, I got chills just seeing that photo of the car. I am so glad that you came through that – and what a blessing you have been to so many through your words right here on this blog. Thanks for sharing, and praise God!

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