Knowing Him

No Longer Strangers and Aliens

So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints, and are of God’s household. ~Ephesians 2:19

Goosebumps covered my arms this morning as I read this. I’ll try my best to convey my thoughts about what God spoke to me through this verse…

It’s been almost a month now since my family and I moved to Idaho. One of my greatest fears was leaving the people I know and love, and who know and love me. The embarking of a new beginning in a place uncharted and inexperienced . Exchanging the known for the unknown, the familiar for the foreign, the established for the uncertain. Knowing the price of what I was leaving behind but not yet knowing the value of what I was acquiring.

There are many truths and promises of God that I only know theoretically. I also know there is a deeper understanding, appreciation and apprehension of this knowledge the moment it moves out of the theoretical and into the experiential.

Living in the same place my whole life, I have never experienced what it’s like to not know people, to not be surrounded by friends and family. I’ve never experienced the feeling of being a complete stranger and alien to the people in my community.

That’s why this scripture resonated so deep in me today. Over these past weeks the Lord has given me new revelation of this verse. He has amplified the blessing of belonging to His household and of being a fellow citizen of His kingdom with all the saints.

Here is a little glimpse of what the Lord has been orchestrating since we got here:

Before we even knew that we would be moving to the Boise area, the Lord had planted two people here from back home that we love. One being my good friend who moved here in January with her family, and also my daughter’s pre-school teacher from this past year.

When we first found out that we would be making the move, a friend of ours from back home told us about a family member of theirs who lived in the area we were moving to and sent us a friend suggestion on Facebook. She told us that they were an awesome Christian family and that we may be able to check out their church.

My husband arrived in Idaho first, and after searching for a few weeks for a house for us to rent, he finally found one. The first day that he came over to check it out, he was able to meet one of our new neighbors directly next to us, they hit it off right after discovering the other was a Christian. Well, guess who it was?!? Our friends family member!!

Also, the day that we all arrived to unpack the truck, the neighbor to the other side of us came by to introduce himself and say ‘hi’. Turns out that he and his family are also Christians!!

God literally placed us in the middle of two awesome Christian families (one believes that we are the only Christians in the neighborhood). We are already beginning to build great relationships with both and have already had an opportunity to serve our community here with one of them by helping out at an awesome summer concert sponsored by their church.

Pretty cool, eh?!?!

My neighbors and many others are already starting to feel like family.

BBQ and games with neighbors on our front lawn
Kids riding bikes with neighbor
Hanging out with my friend who moved here before us

Because of what Jesus has done on the cross we are no longer strangers and aliens to the blessing and promises God has given to His people.

And because of this, we are never without a family!! This is the truth that the Lord has reinforced to me. Because we belong to Him, we belong to His household – we are all His children. And as His children, we all belong to each other.

In the presence of His people, we no longer are strangers or aliens.

God is so good!

The relationships blossoming here have not yet reached the depth of those I had back home – but I know they will eventually.

All those fears cultivating in my mind were quickly cast out by His amazing love, grace and faithful provision.

No Longer Strangers and Aliens


9 thoughts on “No Longer Strangers and Aliens

  1. My heart if full and my mind is at ease knowing you are happy Megs…. God is, indeed, good, and he would NEVER forsake you, and your family, if this move wasn’t good for you all. It is a chance for all of you to grow into what the Lord wants you to be and what he has planned for you…. I miss you, Casey, Bethany, and Micah so very much my heart aches, but, I also know you are in the place the Lord wants you to be, so I’m at peace with it all…. I love you all, honey…. Dad

  2. Megan, what a wonderful way God has encouraged you and your family. You brought back memories of when my husband and I first moved from our hometown. Meeting new Christian friends helped ease the transition. God is good.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  3. God is so good. We had a similar experience when we moved to Alaska for a year. He placed us right next to some wonderful neighbors and church. It was Him who made it all possible. And we’ve grown so much because we were out of our comfort zone. Hope you enjoy your growth as well!

    1. Thank you, Sarah! He is indeed so incredibly good to us! We are so thankful for all the ways He has and is continuing to provide for us! Bless ya, sis! Thanks for the comment!

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