Goodbye, Dear Friend

rocking chair

My dear friend,

Today we say goodbye. A forever farewell.

You have been a faithful and constant companion during this precious season of my life. In the times of joy and laughter, times of exhaustion and fatigue, times of love and learning – in all the wonderfully hard and beautifully sweet moments with my babies… you were there with me.

You were there for all the lullaby singing and the bedtime stories. You were there for those endless nights of nursing fevers while praying for wisdom. You were there to rock to the rhythm of their first giggles and you were there to catch the fall of their first tears.

As I was preparing you for your departure today, the reality of change started sinking in my heart. The reality that my babies aren’t babies anymore. They are growing up. They have arrived at the age that they no longer require the comfort, rest and assurance that you have abundantly provided for us.

Your presence has marked a very precious season of my life and, I must admit, it’s hard to let you go. I will always be thankful for the contribution you made to our lives and will forever treasure your memories in my heart.

So goodbye, my dear friend. I know you will add comfort and peace to another family in the way you have added to mine.

❤ Megan


rocking chair 1

rocking chair3

8 thoughts on “Goodbye, Dear Friend

  1. Megan, I hope you never give up blogging! I will look forward to keeping you close in this way, even though the miles will be many. It appears your “dear friend” had served you well and youwere a good team. Yes, this will be a new season in your life. Blessings on you.

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