Knowing Him

The Butterflies



“My daughter just turned 4 this year. One of her favorite books has always been The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Some of you are probably familiar with the story. The caterpillar hatches from his egg, then starts his search for food. The first day he ate one apple, the second day 2 pears, the third day 3 plums and so on – until he became a big fat caterpillar. Then he makes his cocoon and a few weeks later he pushes his way out. Then her favorite part is when we turn to the last page to see that the caterpillar has become a beautiful butterfly!

I’ve always thought that this is a great example of the transformation that takes place in us once we place our faith in God. We are a new creation.

Awhile back, she and I were playing out in the back yard and off in the corner near the fence we see a butterfly sitting on a leaf on the ground. I tell her to walk up slowly and she can watch it fly away. But, as she got closer it just stayed on the ground. So she looks up at me with a confused look on her face and asks “Mom, why isn’t the butterfly flying away?” then I respond “..not sure, sweetie”. Then, remembering her book, she said something that was so incredibly profound..

Well, maybe it thinks it’s still a caterpillar.”

This describes so perfectly this battle that was happening inside me. It was a mistaken identity.

God had made me a butterfly, but I still, in many ways, considered myself to be a caterpillar. God had given me wings but I was afraid to use them. I liked the comfort and the familiarity of the ground; I didn’t know the joy and freedom that was waiting in the sky.” 

You may remember my post about how I have recently become an approved speaker for Stonecroft Ministries. Above is an excerpt from my testimony that I share when I speak at these events. Its a story I use to illustrate my struggle in my first few years after becoming a Christian to apprehend and walk in the new identity God had given me.

Yesterday, I was asked to speak at another one of these events. The group I was speaking for was meeting in a location that was about an hour away from where I live. The regional director was also attending and told me I could ride with her.

On our drive out there, she told me that there was a new girl, Nicole, who had taken over this group and that this would be her first meeting.

She also came up with a new name for the group..

“The Butterflies”

How awesome is that!

I had no idea this groups new name until the drive out there.

Nicole had no idea I would be using butterflies to illustrate my story until I was actually sharing with the group.

God is so good! He performs these small acts to show and confirm that He is moving and working in and among us.

After learning the groups name, I was able to speak with more confidence knowing that He absolutely orchestrated me to be the one to speak at their first meeting.


7 thoughts on “The Butterflies

  1. As your husband, you constantly amaze me at what small things you see by the grace of God. This was a beautifully written piece that touches my heart. May we all have the heart of children that we can see the small, but profound things that we may typically pass by.

    1. So perfectly stated Casey. I can’t put my thoughts in any better word than what you wrote. You constantly bless us Megan.

  2. Congrats on your new speaking ministry – God will do great things through you! And I love the way this story reminds us that essential growth and transformation requires change, which can seem uncomfortable at times. Blessings!

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