Catching the Waves

Catching Waves

We have a new routine of laying in my bed to read books before sending my two little people off to sleep. We had just finished our last story for the night. I was laying in the center with one on each side of me. I look over to my right to see that she was trying to pretend to be asleep but couldn’t quite keep the grin off her face.

I tell her “You’re silly!”

Faint giggles begin to escape from her mouth. This triggers a devout belly laugh that breaks loose on the other side of me. Her giggles then quickly transform to blend with his fervent laughter . Not really knowing where it all came from or how it started, I figured there wasn’t much else for me to do other than to join them.

It wasn’t long before all 3 of us were engaged in an outburst of rambunctious joy! For no particular reason.

These are the moments that give a sweetness to the flavor of our days. Precious moments that we can so easily miss. Allow to slip out of our grasp.

Moments with our children.

Moments with our spouses

Moments with the Lord.

Like waves on the shore, they roll swiftly into our lives. They spill forth these sweet, simple blessing of joy meant to be captured, locked up and treasured in our hearts.

Yet they can be taken back so quickly by tides of distraction and busyness. It can sometimes be hard to recognize their advancing – they can be so easily missed. They come and go, then they are gone.

These are waves I want to embrace. The waves I want to soak in, hold on to and not let go. To cherish forever.

Therefore, I must remain watchful of the waves. Anticipate their arrival. To stand ready for them to come tumbling in so that I may catch them.


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