Knowing Him

After Stepping Out of the Boat


I posted a couple weeks ago about how I sensed the Lord was calling me to step out into waves of one of my fears – the waves of publicly speaking.

Well, yesterday was my day! I was the speaker for a local women’s event …and not only did the Lord cause me to walk among the waves, but He also calmed the raging.

As I was sitting at my table waiting for the portion of the meeting when my name would be called to walk up to that podium, there was a peculiar peace that lingered. I was expecting my heart to be pounding out of my chest, sweaty palms and a golf ball size lump in my throat. Surprisingly, I was ok!

It wasn’t nearly as bad of a storm as I thought it would be. It was actually pretty awesome!

Maybe, the waves sometimes just appear more violent than they really are when I”m looking at them from afar. When I dare to move closer, I can see that they really aren’t that scary.

Now that it’s over, I”m so thankful that I did not let the fear I was anticipating keep me at a distance. Thankful that God gave me the grace to take that step and trust His voice calling me out. Thankful that I got to meet some awesome women and share my story.

And not only did I share my story, but I got to share the gospel – which is something I’ve been wanting to do more.

I received great feedback and had a couple people ask if I would come speak at other events! PRAISE GOD!

What waves is the Lord calling you to step into? Please let me encourage you to not let fear keep you from stepping into them. That area that you consider yourself to be weak may be the very area He wants to prove Himself strong.

2 thoughts on “After Stepping Out of the Boat

  1. Aw, I really needed to read this. What a great opportunity you had to share the things on your heart and to share the gospel. I am so glad you stepped out into the water and allowed God to use you. I will be sharing at a women’s event soon too – not feeling so confident, but it is about Him, right?

    1. Amen! All about Him!! I’m really glad and thankful I stepped out in this way too! Praying for you as you prepare to share at your event! It’s exciting 🙂

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