Dear Mom, I Still Want You: A Letter To My Mom

Dear Mom,

I was sitting on the couch with your grand-kids earlier today, one on my lap with his head on my chest and the other to my right with her legs draped over mine. They were taking turns running back and forth to the play room getting different books for me to read them.

I love this stage. Although it’s all-consuming at times, it’s nice to know that I’m wanted.

I know the day will come soon when they will rather spend time with their friends instead of time with me. Instead of wanting my hugs and kisses they will run from them. Instead of wanting me to be silly with them, they will want me not to embarrass them.  Instead of wanting me to embrace them, they will want me to let go.

I know the day will come soon when they will be all grown up. These precious days of always-wanted motherhood will soon be over.

Pondering all of this made me think…

Does a mother ever grow out of wanting to be wanted by her children??

I’m sure the desire changes once children get older and become adults, but I can’t imagine that it ever completely dissolves.

Then I thought of you.

I need to tell you something that I don’t ever want you to forget!

Although I may no longer ask you to read me stories, sing me songs, tuck me into bed, curl my hair and do my makeup, nurse my fevers, hold my hand or sit in your lap – I want you to know…

I still want you.

I want your advice and wisdom. I want your encouragement and comfort. I want your time and friendship.

I want those early morning visits on the couch with coffee cups and bibles in hand. I want those afternoon walks and the conversation we take with them.

I even want the moments we don’t agree – knowing our bond will be strengthened after working through it.

I want your laughter in my times of joy and your tears in my times of sorrow.

I want your love and devotion. Your care and concern.

Although we may not talk everyday and I may not tell you often enough how much you mean to me, there is still that girl inside who will always want her mommy.

I also want you to know how thankful I am that you have always made yourself available to me. Throughout my childhood to this very day, you have never left me stranded in my wanting. You have always been there.

I thank God for the treasure He gave me when He gave me you for a mom. I hope you know how much I love and appreciate you!!

Happy Mothers Day!

❤ Megan

Me and Mom

13 thoughts on “Dear Mom, I Still Want You: A Letter To My Mom

  1. Gosh Megan. I’m having a hard time reading this over and over through my tears! This is the most beautiful Mothers Day gift I could have ever hoped for. I could wish to spend the day with you, but that day would end. THIS will stay with me forever! I will never tire of the need to be wanted by you. I love you so much and am so DEEPLY grateful to be your Mom.

  2. Megan this is so beautiful and brought tears to my eyes and then when I saw your mothers comment I got so choked up and they started pouring.What a wonderful gift you gave your mom! Seeing your post and tp see her comment to you right under it was really awesome ❤ Happy mothers day to you and your mom 🙂

    1. Thank you Terri! My heart is so full, overflowing. I hope that you have a very special day also. 😃

    1. Dear Allysgrandma…each of the posts she writes are gifts, but this one touched my heart In a place it longed to be touched. Having grandchildren is a special gift all in itself, isn’t it? 😍. I wish you a very Happy Mothers Day.

  3. Really???? You’re going to make me cry like this again????? WOW! You need to write Hallmark card friend!!! Love you!

  4. Megs… You are the best daughter a man could ever hope for. Your heart is much bigger, and fuller, than most people know. I want you to know how much this letter touched you mom. In all the time I have been with her I have never seen her react the way she did when she read your post…. Absolutely amazing. I love you so much, honey. Thank you for making this mothers day as special as any she has ever had… Dan

  5. Megan, seeing your children ‘want you’ as adults is the tool God is using to show me my greater need to be with HIM. When I slide into that emotional place of sadness missing my kids (new empty nesters), I remember that Jesus wants me to be near Him so He can fill that void that we mothers can misfill (if there is such a word!) with our children. My children are by far the one thing on this earth I struggle to not ‘worship’ when my heart is consumed with my love and affection for them.

    Your letter is beautiful!! My heart goes out to your Mom as I know her heart is so full after having read this! 😉

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