Knowing Him

A Moment In His Presence

I zip up my jacket, cover my head with my beanie, cloak my scarf around my neck and cover my feet with two pairs of mismatched socks. I pour my coffee, grab my Bible, open the front door and head towards the table and chair awaiting me on the deck. I’m greeted by the sound of the creek skipping it’s way towards the ocean and the distant roar of waves striking the shore. The air is filtered with the sweet smell of yesterday’s rain. The dawn is still making it’s climb leaving the air fiercely frigid. The breeze pricks my nose and fingertips before rustling it’s way through the leaves.

I pull the chair out from under the table and slowly sit down. I set my Bible on the table so that I am able to wrap both hands around my mug, desperate to soak in it’s heat.

I’m momentarily tempted with the thought of taking a few strides backwards into the cottage and plopping myself back into the warm, cozy bed next to my snoozing husband before we have to start packing up to head home.

I quickly close my eyes, attempting to drown out the sound of my own thoughts.

As I set my mind’s gaze heavenward a familiar peace begins to bubble up from inside me.

With my fingers still tingling near numbness, I set my coffee down and reach for my Bible.

With no predetermined thought of what to read, I turn to Psalms.

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside quiet waters. He restores my soul…

I feel the corners of my mouth curl upward as I lift my eyes above the pages. Blades of green pasture glisten with the drops of early morning dew. The sun has risen just enough to spill it’s light over the hills and dance on the surface of the quiet waters.

His PresenceI am suddenly inspired to consider. Consider the kindness and goodness of my Shepherd. Consider the affection of the One who guides my soul along still waters and among green pastures as He leads me towards righteousness. Consider how He is using His creation, and this moment to speak a tender and personal truth to me.

Consider how He loves.

Consider His beauty.

Consider His power.

Consider His majesty.

All of which are fully and perfectly displayed in the wonder of His creation.

At once, my eyes and heart are lost in awe of His glory!

The cool air doesn’t seem so bitter as the warmth of His presence, like a blanket, wraps around me.

I am consumed in the fullness of His peace and joy – and there is no place I’d rather be.

9 thoughts on “A Moment In His Presence

  1. Beautiful Megan. Reading this felt like taking a deep breath. Yes, consider….the ways He invites us into the stillness of His presence even when our minds are so bent on worry. Loved this!

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