Knowing Him

Lessons In Hearing His Voice

I love when the Lord confirms that I am indeed hearing the gentle whispers of His Spirit!

Our church had a movie night this past weekend. We were showing the movie Faith Like Potatoes (which was awesome!!), and since this kind of event is a great outreach opportunity, a friend and I decided we would walk around the neighborhood with fliers inviting our neighbors to come.

So we pack our kids in the wagon, print out some fliers and start knocking on doors.

We were able to talk with many of them and even got to pray with one. Yay!!

We eventually come to a lane which led to a house set back by itself that looked like it came straight of out Blair Witch Project, or one of those other horror movies (which I don’t watch, by the way). Or maybe the owners just forgot to take down some crazy Halloween decorations. Either theory would be highly conceivable.

As we get a little closer, my friend and I both look at each other with the same look of dread in our eyes – should we go here?


“What do you think?” she asks after a moment of unsure silence.

Normally, I probably would have nonchalantly suggested we move on to the next house, especially since the kiddos were with us. But suddenly, a gentle wave of peace resonates through me.

“Yes!” “Let’s do it!”

So we, very slowly, make our way down the lane.

Suddenly, a gigantic, enraged dog with a foaming mouth and snarling teeth jumps out from behind a bush and jumps straight for my leg and sinks it’s bite into the flesh above my knee. At that same moment, out of the shadows comes a man wearing all black and a mask that he must have stolen from Michael Myers. He starts to run straight towards us with a deafening chainsaw in one hand and a machete in the other.  I manage to escape seconds before he lunges his machete straight at my neck. I hobble back down the lane, blood streaming from my leg from the dog’s ferocious bite. I meet up with my friend who is already back at the church. She opens the door for me than quickly locks it behind me…

HA!!…totally kidding 😉 That’s just where my imagination could have ran off to.

Here is what actually happened:

We do slowly make our way up the lane as we ask the Spirit to go before us and behind us. We do hear something that resembles the sound of a chainsaw, but we were not greeted by a man in a mask or a psycho dog.

There was a nice older man who looked like he was building a new shed. He turned and greeted us and gave a little smile as he saw us with all the kids. We told him about the movie night and invited him to come join us. He kindly said thank you, and commented on how shocked he was that we would walk up the lane to invite him – knowing that his house looked less than inviting.

Our conversation was short and he did not end up coming to the movie night – but that’s ok. We have now made a connection with him, and maybe he will come the next event we invite him to.

After getting home that night and pondering it all in my mind, I had to give praise to God. To thank Him for this simple experience which turned out to be an opportunity for Him to gently confirm that I do know and recognize His voice. That the surge of peace I discerned before walking down that lane was Him telling me to not be afraid.

And, this was a great chance for us to include our kids in ministry as we set out to love on our neighbors – which is always a good thing!

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