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Can There Really Be No Fear In Death?

A beautiful and inspiring post! A great reminder that for those in Christ, death – and the fear of death, no longer has any sting.

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Prognosis: An expert in his or her field telling you how long you likely have to live based on his or her findings/research/expertise/experience.

That’s just my definition, not Webster’s, but I think it’s pretty on point. Do you even realize how ridiculous that is?? Terrifying, right? Trust me when I say there is a huge difference in just knowing vaguely that one day you will die of something and knowing, give or take a few months, when you will die and what from. It still blows my mind that at my age (30) that I’ve not only been given a prognosis, but that I’ve already outlived it.

It feels like living on borrowed time. Like I’ve slipped through unnoticed so if I do anything too crazy or rock the boat too much that I’ll get spotted and taken immediately. I know that’s not how it works, but that’s how I…

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