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My Not-So-Pinterest Christmas

pinterest christmas

I absolutely love Christmas time! I love celebrating and remembering the true meaning behind it!

Thank you, God that you sent your one and only son to the earth that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life!

However, in today’s fast-paced society it is so easy to lose sight of what it’s really all about. To become more concerned with elaborate gifts, extravagant parties and empty-your-bank-account shopping that it no longer becomes about Christ.

One of my favorite remedies for this consumer-type Christmas is to make my own gifts.

Yay for Pinterest!!!!

Pinterest is our one-stop-shop for all our DIY Christmas needs!

So, around the beginning of December I start compiling my list of all my pinterest projects I need to accomplish. Here is a portion of my list for this year:

1. Decorating my Home Here are some ways I’m going to decorate my home

Christmas balls hanging in my windows

Lights around my outdoor entry-way

Decorate my mantle

Centerpiece for my table

2. Making Gifts – Here are some gifts I’m going to make for friends and family

Photo Coasters

Sugar/Salt Scrubs

Painted Mugs with Hot Chocolate Kit

Fleece Ear Warmers

3. Christmas Cookie Baking – Here are the cookies I will make to take to neighbors and church

Sugar Cutout Cookies

White Chocolate Peanut Butter Ritz

Chocolate Toffee

Easy Fudge

Chocolate Thumbprints


….ok, let me stop right here!

Who am I kidding?!?

My attempts to avoid consumerism is going to consume me!

…consume my time and energy leaving me with a whole lot of grumpiness, frustration and lack of desire to give myself (my love, attention and joy) to my family.

Trust me, I know! I’ve already tried accomplishing just a few of these things on my list and found that it has just left me discouraged.

Most of the time I attempt to create that perfect project it never turns out so perfect. Or that really cute gift that supposedly takes 20 minutes to make ends up taking me 2 days.

So guess what?! – this places me right back in the center of the very thing I’m trying to avoid – losing sight of what’s really important during this season of remembering and celebrating the coming of our Lord and Savior.

So, I’ve decided this year that, not only am I not going to get caught up in a Consumer Christmas, I’m also not going to get caught up in a Pinterest-Perfect Christmas.

So what if my neighbors don’t get 5 different kinds of cookies – they will be grateful for one; it’s the thought that counts.

So what if I don’t get to make special gifts for all my friends – they know that I love them.

So what if I don’t create a winter wonderland in my home – my family will be thankful that I’m using that time to spend with them.

To all of you others out there who may also be attempting to fabricate a Pinterest-Perfect Christmas, I invite you to join me as I LET IT GO!

Let it go

Let’s do ourselves and our family a favor and be content in a not-so-pinterest Christmas!

6 thoughts on “My Not-So-Pinterest Christmas

  1. What can I say but… I agree! Thank you Megan for being so honest about these very real battles with losing focus during this season. I loved this post!

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