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My Unusual Thankfulness

I’m thankful..

1. ..for piles of laundry which means my family has an abundance of cloths to wear

2. ..for clothes that don’t fit which means I have more than enough to eat

3. ..for toilets to clean which means I live in a country that has indoor plumbing

4. ..for really hard decisions which means I have the freedom to choose

5. ..for diapers to change which means I have babies to hold

6. ..for financial struggle which means I get to watch the Lord provide

7. ..for a house that I’m always cleaning which means I have a roof over my head

8. ..for unseen promises which means I have something to have faith in

9. ..for grass to mow which means my kids have a yard to play in

10. ..for only having a few close friends which means the more I value, love and appreciate them

11. ..for sleepless nights which means I have children who still need and want me

12. ..for trials in marriage which means a deeper intimacy and strength after overcoming them

13. ..for the days my job is stressful which means I have a way to help provide for my family

14. ..for my despise of incredibly high gas prices which means I have a car to drive

15. ..for the nights my husband snores which means I have him next to me

16. ..for medical bills which means we have doctors to help keep my family and I healthy

17. ..for lack of satisfaction from this world which means it is not my home

18. ..for all the little things that I take for granted which all point to the very fact that I am blessed




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