Knowing Him

Motherhood and Motorcycles

So there I was, walking through Target with my shopping cart; one child riding standing in the back, the other sitting up in front. Suddenly we pass something pink and glittery and my daughter squeals with excitement “Mommy! Can I have that?!”

When I tell her that she can’t, an outcry of whining and crying commences.

Then, my son decides that he doesn’t like the fact that his sister is screaming so he decides to join her.

After a few minutes of correcting, bribing and promise-making for good-behavior-keeping, I finally get them both to settle and quiet down.

At this moment of their seemingly quiet and well-maintained conduct, I pass another mommy who appears to be in the same battle I just experienced moments before. I glance over at her and our eyes meet; I notice she has ‘that look” in her eye – the look that, I feel safe to say, every mom can sympathize with. The look that says..

“oh no! here comes the mom with her perfect, well-behaved children. I wonder what she is thinking of me right now? She probably is thinking that I’m a horrible mother who can’t control my own child.”

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

I glance back and softly say ‘hi’ in hopes to return a look that conveys..

“I understand. I wish you could have seen me about 10 seconds ago.”

I seriously considered running up and giving her a hug, but I thought that may seem a tad bit strange.

Motherhood and Motorcycles
Sitting on dad’s new motorcycle

Believe it or not, before I had my kids I had a motorcycle. I know, it’s hard to believe..but it’s true.

I had a little Honda Rebel 250 that I rode with my pink jacket and pink helmet. Really wish I had a picture 🙂

There is this thing that we motorcyclist do – you may have even seen it. When we come up to each other as we’re driving in opposite directions, we put one hand up and wave – for no reason other than to acknowledge each other.

A couple days ago I was reading a portion of the book MOMumental by Jennifer Grant where she discusses a time she observed this gesture and how it could correlate with the way we mommies interact with each other…

“I pulled into my driveway a few minutes later and remembered that exchange with envy. Imagine being accepted, greeted-seen!-simply because of the vehicle you were driving. It occurred to me that, in a perfect world, we mothers should do the same. As we pass each other in our minivans with our mutual silhouettes of kids in the backseats (or while pushing our carts as we shop at Target), we should make eye contact, raise our hands, and wave just to salute the other person to indicate that we see each other and that we are on the same journey as mothers.” – Jennifer Grant, (emphasis mine)

I LOVE that!

How awesome it would be, if all us mommies knew with no doubt that we had the support of each other. That we wouldn’t have any fear of judgement. That we wouldn’t feel like we have to compare ourselves with each other.

How awesome it would be, if when we approach each other as we travel along this path of motherhood, our eyes would meet with a glance that we instinctively know speaks understanding and encouragement.


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