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Please Join Me In Praying..

God’s timing never fails to amaze me.

A couple days ago, I posted about how God can resurrect new hope from our hopelessness. The same day I posted this, I received some bad news.

Last week, there was an article in one of the local newsletters in my community announcing that the police were asking for help identifying a man who lead them in a high speed pursuit on a motorcycle – evidently, drugs were involved also.

I found out yesterday that the police received the help needed and were able to identify him.

It was my older brother.

My immediate thought was.. “I’m not surprised”. He has been living this kind of lifestyle for the past 20 years. To be completely honest,  I have lost hope he will ever turn from his ways and come to the Lord.

So with this thought came some heavy conviction since I had just written about how God’s power and sovereignty grants us cause to always hold onto hope in every area of life.  This is one area in which my hope needs a resurrection.

I share this with you to ask you to pray. Please join me in praying for my brother, Jason; and please join me in praying against this stronghold of addiction that is stealing, killing and destroying many lives in my community – and attempting to steal my hope for my brother and many other people I love.


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29 thoughts on “Please Join Me In Praying..

  1. Addition, in may forms, continues to be an enormous destroyer of lives and families regardless of where you are located. It is truly a national epidemic. I too have witnessed family members and friends struggle with addiction… some have made it out…several have not.

    Ultimately there is hope, through Christ, that folks can come through this. I currently have one family member going through an addiction recovery program with a nationally renowned program called “Teen Challenge”. It is a faith based program bringing Christ in to help fight addiction. Strongly recommend this to anyone looking for help… (it is not just for teens as the name suggests)

    Praying for your family as well as the broader spectrum of addiction in our society.

    1. I love Teen Challenge! We have had a group who have gone through this program come to our church and share their testimonies! SO encouraging! There is hope for those who battle addiction. Teen Challenge seems to have a good percentage of their people who get off the drugs and STAY off!

  2. I am praying, Megan!! I guess one could call me a ‘realist’ in that I know what Gods Word says happens when one chooses the very things that bring death rather than life. I have to be brutally honest with myself and sometimes others to desperately try to speak Truth.

    On the other hand, my heart desperately yearns/longs to relay the hope of Christ and encourage….life changing encouragement… their heart will be filled with hope and new life! The very solid, foundational hope I’ve clunk to my entire life.

    When I find myself focusing on the realist side, I need to claim Gods promises literally to adjust my own Spirit. (Even though the Truth is still needed!).

    When I find myself only focused on the victory without speaking warnings/very practical Truths for living, I can cause others to stumble and also find my own life slipping into sinful patterns.

    Your sweet, very loved brother has heard the warnings. Because I know you, he’s also been offered hope! You live that! I love your testimony!

    If it helps, I try to remind myself my circumstances are not about ME seeing results. I’ve heard so many stories of grandparents who prayed for years and it wasn’t until they had passed that the one prayed for received the victory! I know God is working. I believe all I offer through Him is heard somehow, someway, and HE promises to answer my prayer…just not always as I would prefer. Just as you would never give up on your precious children, do not give up on this cherished brother. Pray him to Jesus! I will join you and we will trust God to do it in His way and His time!!! Love u!!!

  3. I will pray for your brother. It is hard for me to admit but your post convicted me today… My brother is a drug addict too, over the past few years we have been watching him slowly kill himself. I can’t tell you how many times over the past few years he has been to the hospital to get his drugs. He is addicted to prescription drugs and it totally blows my mind that the doctors keep giving him this stuff. It has gotten to the point that like you I guess I had given up hope and to be honest I also avoid him like the plague. But he is my brother and I do love him so much. It hurts to watch someone you love do that to themselves and It also makes me angry at him for not trying to quit doing this to himself and our family, especially my parents, see how it hurts them and that is hard to take. Your post just made me realize I need to pray harder and not give up hope. Just as you are doing for your brother. I should know how powerful God is, I just wrote a blog post yesterday about how he had given me a miracle. I know his power, and have seen it many many times. Thank you for this post I know it had to be very hard to write, you have helped me in some way today. I am sorry for the long comment, I usually try not to do this sort of thing but I wanted to explain and let you know your post will help others and also let you know as you already do that there is always hope, even if we (me) forget sometimes. I will pray for your brother Jason and you and your family. God Bless.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I’m glad that you are encouraged by this. I will pray for your brother as well. Prescription drug addiction is another horrible addiction on the rise. Whats really bad about this one is that it is used many times to aid in suicide..which seems to also be on the rise. It’s all so incredibly sad. I think that even this stronghold of addiction many times comes back to the issue of hopelessness. So many people have lost hope that their lives could ever change, they have settled for drugs to numb whatever pain they are experiencing.

  4. Yes, praying! This is our heart’s cry too. So many come to the church, grab a cup of coffee, share about their addictions and want out, but go right back within the hour to the very thing that is stealing, killing and destroying them. Praying for a Spirit of repentance to sweep through and transform lives from the inside out.

    1. Yes! Amen! I think this is what breaks my heart the most. So many people ‘get clean’ just long enough to taste the goodness and blessings of the Lord, but then get dragged back into this lifestyle. You guys are in the trenches of in down there..but the darker the darkness the brighter the Light shines!!!

  5. Thanks, Kim. Our convictions can be hard to share at some times..but I’ve found that when I do I am usually very blessed. Thank you for your prayers. Blessings to you!

  6. I am so sorry – you and your family are in my prayers. And in-spite of his addiction, only God knows what was in his heart, My prayers are you will see him again – fully healed and restored in our heavenly home.

  7. I had no clue about this news until now and I am hurting for you. There comes a time where we must release those we love into the Lord’s hands, pray fervently, and keep our eyes focuses on Truth. His story is not done and I am praying he will know how much he is loved. Love you.

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