Knowing Him

I Believe In Resurrections

When I think of the word ‘resurrection’ I think of Jesus from the grave, or the rapture, or what happens when we go to be with the Lord.

However, after a conversation I had today I started to think of this word a little differently.

I was on the phone with someone discussing a certain situation that could very easily be categorized as ‘hopeless’…until he said these words:

“Megan, this may appear as a done deal – but I believe in resurrections!”

Isn’t that awesome!?! God is busy causing many resurrections in our daily lives.

He can take all that has been put to death by the flames of fear, pride, division, doubt, indifference, discouragement and despair and from the ashes resurrect new life and beauty.

He can breathe hope into those areas that we have declared as hopeless and dead.

He can resurrect intimacy in our marriages.

He can resurrect passion in our ministries.

He can resurrect trust in our broken relationships.

He can resurrect confidence in our prayers.

He can resurrect faith in our doubts.

He can resurrect joy in our pain.

He can resurrect strength in our weaknesses.

He can resurrect love in our fears.


I believe…

He is a God who holds all power! He is a God who holds all knowledge!

He is a God who loves!

He is a God who resurrects life from death and He is a God who resurrects hope from hopelessness!



13 thoughts on “I Believe In Resurrections

  1. I believe in resurrections too!! I think I usually thought of the word relating to Christ’s death and resurrection as well. I love the new light you shined on it though!

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