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A Great Example of True Discipleship

I am excited to announce that I am official! I am officially a Precept Bible Study Leader!

“What is a Precept Bible Study?’..

Precepts is a fancy term used to describe an Inductive Bible Study.

‘What is an Inductive Bible Study?‘..

In a nutshell, the Inductive study is a method of Bible Study in which you are ask three major questions of the text – What Does It Say? (Observation), What Does It Mean? (Interpretation) and What Does It Mean to Me? (Application)

…and it pulls you DEEP!!!

However, the Precept method is not the main point I want to discuss at the moment. I want to highlight how I got to this point of becoming a leader and how it demonstrates the value of true discipleship.

I began my Precept Bible Study journey about six years ago when a lady from church invited me to attend a new study of 2 Thessalonians (talk about jumping in with both feet).

This was the study in which I fell in love with Precpets! My eyes were opened to the truth that I can study the Bible on my own. With His Word and His Spirit I have everything I need to grow in my understanding and knowledge of God.

It’s amazing, as I study and grow in my knowledge of God – it causes me to long for even deeper knowledge of Him .

Knowledge of HIm leads us to desire more knowledge of Him.

Not only did my love for precepts sprout from this new understanding that I could study the Bible on my own, but also from the passion I saw in my Bible Study Leader, Leesa.

Leesa and I

The Lord has used this woman to fan my embers of desire for His Word into a yearning flame!

Her goal was never for me to become a Precepts Leader (although she’s excited I have), she just wanted to share with me what had been given to her – a hunger and knowledge of His word. There was no step-by-step, formatted discipleship program we walked through (although these do serve their purpose). She just lived out her passion and invited me along with her.

This is what I believe true discipleship is meant to look like.


Allowing someone to see your passion for God and what He has given you.

Allowing them see your weaknesses – to see the areas that God is still growing and perfecting.

Allowing them to witness Christ in you.

It’s inviting another to come alongside you and live life to the glory of God.

Is this not the example we see with Jesus and his disciples?

A couple months ago, I started praying about becoming a Precept leader and sensed the prompting to move forward with it. I wanted to share the tools that the precept method equipped me with to dig deep into God’s Word. I spent about five hours of online training..which was awesome, but I have to say – I learned SO much more about leading Precepts from sitting under Leesa’s leadership!


If you are a child of God you have been given something to spill out. You have a measure of grace that you can and should be pouring into the life of another.

Maybe you are a newer Christian who just recently tasted the sweetness of salvation. Share your new found hope with others and invite them to savor the morsels of spiritual blessings you have been given.

Maybe you are an older man/woman who has ripened in her experience and knowledge of God – go find someone younger in the Lord to impart those jewels of wisdom and knowledge.

Maybe you have been married for a few years  – go find a newly-wed.

Maybe you have adult children – go find a young parent.

Maybe you need someone to pour into you. Ask God to lead you to the right person..


I truly believe with all my heart that it is God’s desire that we all be a disciple and a discple-er at all times!

We all need someone teaching us, who is willing and eager to let us drink from their fountain of wisdom – and we need another to flow that into.

I have had many women in my life since I began my journey with the Lord who have taken me under their wing at different times, in different seasons and for different reasons. The Lord has used them to help shape me into the woman I am today and I am so grateful for them. Also, I have had many girls that God has given me to pour my heart and life into – there is so much blessing in all of it!

So this is my encouragement to you today: embrace discipleship!

“The things which you have heard from me
in the presence of many witnesses,
entrust these to faithful men
who will be able to teach others also.”
(2 Timothy 2:2)

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