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Happiness: The Most Attractive Form Of Beauty??

I saw this commercial today.

“…happiness is the most attractive form of beauty.”

..I must disagree.

First, let’s take a look at what happiness is. Here is what our good friend has to say about the definition of happy:

: feeling pleasure and enjoyment because of your life, situation, etc.

: showing or causing feelings of pleasure and enjoyment

: pleased or glad about a particular situation, event, etc.

Happiness is tossed in and out by waves of circumstance. It’s a feeling – we can’t control it.

What about the woman who just lost a child?

What about the woman who just received news that she cannot bear a child?

What about the woman who was violently raped?

What about the mom whose husband abandoned her?

What about the single mom who just lost her job?

What about the woman who just found out that she has cancer?

What about the woman who recently became a widow?

Are these women happy? Probably not..I wouldn’t be!

Does this mean they are not beautiful? Certainly not!

Lancome Marketers,

I am glad to see that you are following the road less traveled by most of today’s media by attempting to embrace inner beauty rather than external. But, calling happiness ‘the most attractive form of beauty’ was the wrong approach to take.

I believe, what women desire our culture to esteem as beauty is that which is hidden in our character – a character marked by love, peace, kindness, humility, servant-hood, chastity, patience, faithfulness and joy!

**Joy may have been the more appropriate term for your campaign. It’s controllable. It is a chosen state of mind that says “despite my circumstances and feelings, I WILL choose to cling to hope that one day, all tears and heartache will be wiped away”.**

Unlike happiness, these qualities are accessible to all of us! Wouldn’t it be an awesome thing if the eyes of the world saw beauty as something each woman could control – not by a cream, coverup, wrinkle eraser or makeup, but rather by the choices made in wisdom that leave a glow of dignity?!?

Any corporation that would dare to accomplish this would have my full support.

❤ Megan


3 thoughts on “Happiness: The Most Attractive Form Of Beauty??

  1. Megan, I love the way you broke this down and revealed what true beauty really is. I love your definition and the character traits you state. If only this world could really see this as true beauty. Oh, what a world it would be!

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