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The Moments That Create A Legacy

I’ve attended three memorial services this past week. The lives of these people left me challenged and inspired.

What I enjoyed most were the times the mic was passed for family and friends to share memories. These have an amazing way of adding simple yet meaningful detail to the canvas of a legacy.

I found it interesting how most (if not all) the stories painted very similar qualities. They were memories of freely offered time, of admirable character and of shared wisdom.

They were not memories of talents or achievements, wealth or possessions, prestige or power.

While considering all this, I started thinking …

.”.what are the cherishable moments I’ve created with the ones I love? especially my husband and my children?”

“If I were to die today, what memories would remain imprinted in their minds and hearts?”

I know the idea of considering your legacy is no new concept – but it’s good to be reminded to ponder these things.

It’s too easy for me to get caught in the busy motions of each day that I loose sight of what is truly important. I become more concerned about keeping dirty laundry out of the hamper and dishes out of the sink; I forget to paint pictures, read books, build forts, play make believe, build block towers and blow bubbles.

I waste time in grumpiness, pride and worry that should be spent in laughter, love and giving.

I want to be remembered as a person who always considered others above myself; who wasn’t afraid to stand up for truth; who valued fashioning my character more than my image; who loved our God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength and encouraged others to do the same; who didn’t chase after fame or riches, honor or glory, but who was content to lead a simple life, yet one which heavily impacted God’s kingdom and the lives of the ones I love.

I’ve got to remember to keep my eyes fixed on cultivating these virtues instead of expelling my time and energy in the tasks that may seem important in the moment but in the end will be lost and forgotten.


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