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The Road Trip Home

4:45pm – Say goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa!

5:00pm – Starbucks!!!

5:10pm – DD wants her ‘special blanket’ which is buried in the suitcase – which is buried in the back of the truck

5:15 – Stop to get gas; Husband fills up while I dig for her blanket

5:30 – On the road

5:35 – DD ‘sweaty’, turn on AC

5:45 – Try to keep my eyes on the road during the 8 mile, horrible and extremely windy road so I don’t get sick

5:55 – DD too cold, turn off AC

6:10 – First potty stop, take DD to bathroom and put DS in back of truck to jump around and let out some energy

6:25 – Get DD put back in her carseat, look for DS’s shoes that he kicked off in back of truck

6:27 – Find shoes, get him put back in his carseat and back on the road

6:40 – Give DS a ziplock of fish crackers to try to keep him happy

6:45 – DD sweaty, turn on AC

6:47 – DD sees her brother with fish crackers and wants some

6:50 – Find the bag of fish crackers and give it to her

7:00 – DD too cold, turn off AC

7:05 – Husband starts rockin’ out to Phil Collins CD

7:06 – DS screaming cause music is too loud

7:10 – Find a game on my phone that will hopefully keep him entertained

7:12 – DD sees her brother with my phone and wants it

7:15 – Find a game on dad’s phone for her to play

7:25 – DD sweaty, turn on AC

7:30 – DS drops my phone and starts screaming; give him more fish crackers

7:40 – Second potty break, pull into parking lot of gas station; Husband goes in first while I sit with kids

7:42 – Husband comes out and says that there’s way too many creepy people here – he doesn’t want me going in by myself

7:43 – Get back in truck in search of another bathroom

7:44 – Pull into parking lot of a grocery store to use bathroom

7:45 – Get out to see a ‘no public restroom’ sign in the front window

7:48 – Get back into truck and go back in the other direction to try the other gas station we saw

7:49 – Pull into the second gas station driveway

7:50 – Get key from front counter; try not to touch ANYthing while in bathroom

7:55 – Get back in truck to see DD has passed out…. and spilled the bag of fish crackers all over the back of truck

8:00 – Sit in truck eating Bugles and wait while Husband pays for his Pizza-Hot Pocket-Gas Station dinner…no thanks

8:07 – Back on the road

8:15 – DS in a happy mood, have a sweet toddler-talk conversation

8:20 – Watch the pretty sunset

8:25 – Start getting really concerned about how much the big rig in front of us is using it’s breaks

8:35 – Finally pass big rig

8:45 – Roll up the driveway…HOME!!

8:50 – Get kids in jammies and bed

9:00 – Unload truck

Lessons Learned from this Journey

1. If you have issues with getting carsick – never chug a Starbucks Mocha prior to driving a stretch of windy terrain.

2. Bring lots of fish crackers.

3. Phil Collins is the master of building song dynamics.

4. It’s best to travel during times that small children are likely to be sleeping.

5. I’m not an advocate of kids spending an abundance of time on electronic devices. However, while on a road trip it’s a good idea to throw this rule out the window.

6. Dress children in layers to accommodate for various temperature changes.

7. God is good and protects us from crazy truck drivers. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Road Trip Home

  1. Haha, sounds a lot like our road trips as well! I always say when in the car all “rules” are out the window, whatever keeps them happy is allowed. 😉

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