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Redefining A Worship Leader

One of my greatest passions is leading God’s people in worship; to inspire deeper levels of praise and devotion to our heavenly Father.

After becoming a mommy I (to a certain degree) laid this passion aside so I could focus on my ministry to my family.

However, the Lord has revealed a sweet and precious truth to me:

Leading worship is not confined to Sunday morning.

This revelation came while reflecting on ‘what is worship?’.

The Greek word for worship is proskuneo. It means to kiss the hand, to fall on the knees, or to be prostrate on the ground. It can also mean to express respect or to show obedience, honor, or reverence to a divine being.

Worship is more than a song, it’s a heart brimming with gratitude.

Worship is more than lifting of hands, it’s extending them – to the poor, lost and needy.

Worship is more than bowing the knee, it’s bowing the will.

Worship is more than celebration, it’s mourning over sin.

Worship is more than shouts of joy, it’s proclaiming truth.

Worship is more than church attendance, it’s walking in obedience.

Worship is our response to who God is and all He has done for us.

Worship is a lifestyle – and so is leading it!

When we, as children of God, in spirit and truth, encourage another through our words, conduct or actions to press deeper into one of these aspects of worship – we become a worship leader.

This means that as a mom, I can be a worship leader in my home.

I can lead worship among my church family …without having to be up on a stage.

We can lead worship by how we choose to live our lives.

** I am in no way trying to minimizing the value of those who God has gifted to lead His people in corporate worship. This role holds a vital purpose in the health and life of the body and requires certain grace and calling. If you are a Worship Leader for your church – thank you! You are awesome!! 🙂 **

This understanding brought with it a peace in knowing that I don’t have to ‘lay aside’ this passion. It just looks a little different during my season of mommy-hood.

Romans.12.1photo credit
Praise the LORD, my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name.
Praise the LORD, my soul, and forget not all his benefits

Psalm 103:1-2


6 thoughts on “Redefining A Worship Leader

  1. I would dare to sing no wear in public. I loved the way you opened up the true worshipper though. Beautiful message!

  2. Is that picture of you?

    Your words are so true. Worship is definitely a life-style. I believe it is a REAL weapon against the ¤nemy! Our children DO see the power of the Lord through our praises to Him on a daily basis. Excellent post friend!!!

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