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A Crazy and Fun, Kinda Typical Day

7:15am – Wake up suddenly to DS crying; frustrated I didn’t set my alarm right and I’m not going to get my morning quiet time.

7:25am – Get up; get kids up.

7:40am – Scramble some eggs and put toast in toaster for kids.

7:43am – Once eggs are cooked realize toaster is broken and toast is not toasted. Give DS his eggs while I make toast in a pan.

7:50am – Tell DD her breakfast is on the table. She starts whining cause she doesn’t like eggs.

7:53am – Get Husband’s lunch made.

8:00am – Look over at the kids to see DD not at the table. Tell her  to sit down and eat her breakfast or I’m taking it away.

8:05am – Leave kids to eat their breakfast so I can get ready for day.

8:20am – Come out to see DD not at table. Tell her for the third time to sit down and eat.

8:22am – Try to figure out what I want to eat for breakfast.

8:23am – Turn to see DD not at table. Decide to eat her breakfast.

8:30am – DD comes back into kitchen suddenly hungry; runs into hallway to tell dad that I took away her breakfast.

8:40am – Husband leaves for work.

8:45am – Get kids dressed and brush their teeth.

8:50am – Sit on couch for 5 min with Bible and coffee.

9:05am – Get up to see kids playing nicely together in bedroom; decide to clean bathrooms.

9:08am – Kids hear me open gate to my bedroom to clean bathroom; they both come barging in; DS begins to pour shampoo on floor while I’m trying to clean.

9:12am – Get kids out of bathroom and sit on their bedroom floor to read books.

9:20am – Kids are bored with books. Clear the living room and dump blocks on floor.


9:21am – Help DD build a tower; DS starts screaming cause we don’t let him knock it down.

9:40am – Leave kids to play with blocks while I start cutting up strawberries for a snack.

9:42am – DD starts screaming cause DS knocked down her tower.

9:55am – Try to convince DD that she does like strawberries.

10:00am – Open up front door to get some air flowing.

10:01am – Step in dog poop on the front porch.

10:02am – Put dogs in garage; decide for the 20th time this week that I’m keeping them locked up during the day.

10:05am – Spray down front porch with pepper spray to hopefully keep dogs from pooping on it.

10:30am – Put on an episode of Daniel Tiger on Netflix for kids while I fold laundry.

10:40am – Decide I want to play my guitar for a few minutes; strap it on and start playing while attempting to dodge the kids hands.

10:55am – Finally give in and let them play it.

11:10 – Put guitar away and get pizza sauce made for dinner; after pouring sauce into a jar, realize I don’t have a lid for it; figure out that a lid to a Glad container turned upside down works great!


11:25am – ..feeling proud that I’m so creative.

11:50am – Make smoothies for lunch; thankful that both kids drink it without any fits.

12:05pm – Start some more laundry while kids have lunch.

12:20pm – Come out to see DS asleep in his highchair..start thinking how adorable he is covered in smoothie.

12:25pm – Get DS cleaned up and put down for nap.

12:35pm – Let dogs out of garage; put on another episode of Daniel Tiger for DD so I can study for the DMV written test I have to take next week to renew my license (ugh..don’t ask).

1:00pm – Daniel Tiger is over, get out crayons and blocks so I can keep studying.

1:20pm – Brain can’t take anymore; decide to try and squeeze in a 20min nap before DS wakes up

1:45pm – Suddenly wake up staring at DD holding a block tower in front of my face.

1:47pm – DD climbs up on couch to lay with me.

1:55pm – DS starts screaming.

2:00pm – Go into bedroom to find his leg is caught in the side of crib; can’t get it out.

2:01pm – Get some butter to rub on his leg to try to slip out (remember seeing that somewhere); thankful it worked.

2:03pm – Spend some time snuggling DS after his traumatic experience.

2:20pm – Get kids ready to go on a walk to park.

3:00pm – Get to park and let kids play.

3:03pm – Not sure what to think/do about my outgoing son running up to strangers with arms open hoping they pick him up.

3:05 – Finally pick him up and put him in baby swing.

3:45pm – Start walking home.

3:47pm – After beginning the adventure home, realize that the right rear tire is flat…AGAIN!

3:48pm  – 4:10pm – Walk the rest of the way home pushing on the right side really hard trying to keep it from darting out into the street.

4:20pm – Get home and ask DD to help me make pizza dough.

4:30pm – Have a great conversation with her about how yeast is a great example of how both sin and God’s Kingdom grow in our hearts.


4;50pm – Once dough is made and toppings are chopped, realize that we are out of mozzarella cheese.


5:00pm – Put The Rizers on for the kids so I can string string cheese to use on the pizza. Thank God for The Rizers!!


5:10pm – Have an encouraging 5min phone conversation with a lady from church.

5:17pm – Realize it’s way too quiet; find DS in my bathroom pouring more shampoo on the bathroom floor. Take him back to living room.

5:20pm – DS starts screaming cause sister took away his toy truck. Start to wonder if my neighbors think we have pet banshee’s.

6:10pm – Pizza done; kids eat dinner.

6:20pm – Dad comes home. Daddy time.

7:30pm – Bath time, jammies, brush teeth.

8:00pm – Put DS to bed.

8:30pm – Put DD to bed.

8:31pm – DD up to go to the bathroom.

8:35pm – DD up cause she’s thirsty.

8:40pm – DD up cause something’s scary at window.

8:41pm – Dad checks perimeter of house to assure her nothing is at her window.

8:45 – DD up cause she wants her special blanket.

8:48 – Really hoping DD is going to sleep.


4 thoughts on “A Crazy and Fun, Kinda Typical Day

  1. Some days that are the most typical are the most beautiful and end up being the ones that we remember the most.

    1. I was actually thinking that I wouldn’t really consider this a typical day, but in so many ways it really is! 🙂

      I’m a blessed Mama. So thankful for these baby blessings and all the opportunities the Lord gives me to pour my life into them. They have poured so much into me as well.

      Love ya!!

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