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Beauty Tip: Faithfulness – A Glimpse of Dennis and Jennifer’s Story

[‘Beauty Tips’ are my ideas on how to cultivate inner beauty.]

Beauty Tip: Faithfulness

“Your husband has cancer…”

What would I do if these words were spoken to me?

How would I react? Would they leave me in despondency?

Would my faith prove stronger than my fear?


For a sweet and beautiful woman I go to church with, this is reality.

Jennifer’s husband, Dennis, was diagnosed with cancer a couple years ago. There have been many times when we all thought we soon would be saying ‘until we meet again’ to our dear brother.

Yet, God is not finished writing his story. It’s a story of strength, hope, love and joy which are deeply rooted in authenticity. A story which has blessed, encouraged and changed the lives of those who have gazed upon it’s pages.

I could go on about how his life has and is bringing unceasing glory to our Father; how it has been a bonding force – bringing our church family and community together in our desire to support, love and care for him; how his faith and trust in our Lord has been imparted into the hearts and lives of many; how he is a light in darkness; how his attitude is a gentle reminder that there is peace in the midst of chaos; hope in the midst of fear; joy in the midst of trial, suffering and sorrow.

I could go on about him, but I will stop there because I want to talk about his loving wife and how she has reflected the beauty of faithfulness.

I was sitting in the back row of church, the music was fading and the closing words were being spoken. I see his frail body slowly elevate and move towards the center aisle. She was there with him. She is always by his side, assisting him in any way she can. She takes his hand as she helps him take his steps; a gesture appearing as natural and effortless as a setting sun. They turn towards me – a peace and joy radiating from her presence. One word floods my mind..”beautiful”.

This is an image that will forever be imprinted in my memory. In this moment it seemed as though I was able to see her heart reflected through her simple actions which displayed her love, respect and devotion to him.

Through all the trials and heartaches, she remains faithful to her God

…and faithful to her husband.

Jennifer, you have spoken beauty, grace, endurance, love and hope over the lives of many women in ways that words could never attempt to describe. You are a faithful daughter of our heavenly Father. I am one of among many hearts you have eternally touched and influenced. I am so grateful that our Lord has given me the opportunity to peer through the window of your life. Thank you, my dear sister, for your faithfulness!

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