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How To Bake A Cookie: According To A 3 Year Old

Before beginning any baking project, it’s a good idea to make sure my little brother is asleep.

Otherwise, mom may have to put the whole process on hold to pick up after his mischievous activities.

First, I mix all ingredients.

Then, try my dough to make sure it’s delicious.


Sometimes, if mom refuses to give me a second bite of dough, it’s helpful to throw a screaming and crying fit to encourage her to change her mind. However, in this instance, this did not work to my advantage.

While spending some time in my ‘time out’ chair, mom gets the first batch of cookies baked.

The next thing I do, is sit at the table and stare at the cookie that mom put on the plate for me while it cools.

Once I think it is cool enough to not scourge the roof of my mouth, I attempt to take my first bite.

Yummy! I am an awesome baker!

And that’s how you bake a cookie. 🙂

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