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Cultivating True Beauty In Our Girls

cultivatingAfter posting My Battle With Bulimia, I found myself in a few different conversations with other women who are concerned that their daughters, or young girls in their life, are not developing a healthy image of themselves. My daughter is almost three and this is something I already consider. The world, especially the one we live in today, has a very narrow definition of beauty. Yet, the pressure to possess it is not easily escaped.

How can we as women, as mothers, as role models help these young girls we love obtain a sense of true beauty? To help them to see it in themselves?

Here are some of my thoughts:

1. We must be convinced of it in our self.

We can talk about what it means to truly be beautiful all we want. These young girls are very perceptive. The eyes of their discernment have the ability to pierce through words and see directly into the heart. If we do not believe that we are beautiful, they will know it.

  • How often to I look at myself in the mirror?
  • How often do I complain about my expanding waist or thighs?
  • Do I exercise excessively?

These actions are what our girls are watching.

Frequently, I have to ask the Lord to help me see myself the way He does. I am His precious and beautiful creation… 🙂

Also, ask the Lord to help you grow in the likeness of Christ. This process can be painful at times, but it shapes inner beauty in us.

2. Recognize and affirm it in her.

Even at three, I can see that my daughter has a true care and compassion for people. I tell her, “you are so beautiful, you have a kind and caring heart”.

3. Acknowledge it in other women.

Consider the women that you come across.

Who constantly overflows with joy despite circumstances? Who is consistently giving of herself without expecting anything in return? Who’s deeds may even go unnoticed? Who has a gentle and quiet spirit? Acknowledge her. Discuss her character with the girl(s) you are ministering to.

There are many ways. I love hearing others share their wisdom regarding this issue. If you have any other thoughts on how we go about cultivating this in the hearts of our young ladies, please share.

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