Knowing Him

DIY Recording Studio

My husband and I have recently set up a small recording area in our home.  I thought I would show how we did it.

What you need:


  • A small closet area for a vocal booth. This is not absolutely necessary. We just happen to have a closet area in our spare bedroom that was unoccupied.
  •  Moving Blankets These we used for sound deadening in the vocal booth. Just hang them up. We used three of them here.
  •  Acoustic Foam Paneling for sound deadening. We bought the cheaper kind, then added cardboard to the backs and hung them up on the walls.IMG_4602
  •  Audio interface – A friend from church let us use this PreSonus audiobox which has been perfect for what we are doing. We downloaded the PreSonus Studio One software which is found here. There are instructions in the User Guide that can be found in the Studio One Program File on your computer after downloading that explain how to set it all up.  There was a learning curve, but thank God for youtube! I was able to find many video tutorials on how to use it.IMG_4607

That is it! I am excited that I am able to nurture this passion of mine without having to leave my home.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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