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My Sweet Neighbors

I’ve been doing a craft once a week with the residents that live in the senior living center next door. There is a couple living there that I see each week…they don’t like doing the crafts but they love to chat so I’ve gotten to know them a little. I just found out today that the wife had a stroke a few days ago is not expected to make it much longer. I saw her husband today and he is devastated. The worst part is that he has the first stages of dementia and forgets, so the nurses and staff are having to remind him a few times a day, and it breaks his heart all over again. When I heard, I gave him a big hug and told him how sorry I was, his eyes started to well up and I just wanted to cry with him. They are the sweetest couple. Last time I was there he was pushing her wheelchair (while in his) back to their room. They’re always together and it’s obvious that they love each other so much. My heart is breaking for him.

A few months ago I was praying that the Lord would put people in my life that I could influence for Him. All my friends and the people I spent time with were all Christians, so I felt I didn’t have much opportunity to share the love of Christ with people who didn’t already know Him. Then, a door opened for me to do a craft with the residents next door. Everyone there is so incredibly sweet and they LOVE Bethany. Most of them have dementia, some much worse than others, a lot of them don’t remember me from week to week, some only remember for about 20 – 30 minutes. I wonder sometimes how I can be an influence in the lives of these people when they don’t remember the conversations and the times I share with them. The Lord reminded me through this experience today, that what matters is that I’m there to love them in these moments when they need it most, and to trust that He can work beyond whatever barriers I perceive are in the way.

2 thoughts on “My Sweet Neighbors

  1. Such sweet words, Megan! I love adapting to where God has you! What a great example of blooming right where He put you! Having lived a distance from my relatives, and most recently having laid them to rest, I can tell you this time together is setting your mind on what is eternal…THIS act of love and time is eternal!! Way to be used sweet girl!

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